Quivir is constantly searching for new and innovative ways to carry discs and developing highly functional apparel, accessories and gear.

We currently have two field tested prototypes, one in full production, and are working on our third prototype which should be finalized in 2015.

Quivr Slivr Leg Bag

Change the Experience

Innovative and Highly Functional Disc Golf Gear and Apparel

Quivr is a fresh way of enjoying the great game of disc golf.  It frees you from hauling a bag around and bending over every time to take a shot or move onto the next hole.

Quivr allows you to focus on your game and your next shot instead of your bag! Immerse yourself in the game and the experience 

Quivr products are designed with pure function, a full, unaffected range of motion and are handmade with care from the highest-quality and durable outdoor fabrics available.The Quivr is all about Quality and is unconditionally guaranteed and that is something you just can't get from a mass-produced bag. If something goes wrong, send it back and I will take care of it.


Quivr Disc - Hands Free Wearable Disc Golf Carriers and Apparel